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I'm not sure where the dollar values in the article come from.
I believe they were the values assigned by the gallery based on pending sales.

Shepard Fairey used a photograph of Andre the Giant (just watched Exit Through the Gift Shop, he's one of the artists) for his principal piece. Is his use of someone elses work less egregious than Prince's because he only used a portion of it and manipulated it to the point where I had no idea it was Andre until I saw the movie? I'm not sure if the two scenarios can be compared or not. I guess I need to look up "Fair Use" as applied to copyright law.

Matt, thanks for clearing up the meaning behind the lawyer's comment. I should have gone to law school like my mother wanted. The way it was printed shows whose side The Guardian is on.

After looking at Prince's Canal Zone again I can understand why Cariou sued. It sucks, in my uneducated, vulgar, crude, uncouth, ill-bred, I don't get it, opinion.