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From what I've read, the physical sizes of these two lens are different, 0 is smaller/lighter and 1 is bigger/heavier. Also the 0 has the fastest shutter speed of 1/500, 1 has fastest shutter speed for 1/400.

So is it safe to assume that Copal 0 is better? It's lighter and has faster shutter speed?

Will the copal size affect the image quality?

Do you mean the APO-Sironar-S(!) instead of APO-Sironar-N? I don't see an APO version of the Sironar-N on the Rodenstock website:


Also, the lens test list here, only lists a normal, non APO, 210 mm version of the Sironar-N:


which is consistent with my own Sironar-N F5.6 210 mm, that doesn't have an APO tag on the barrel. It has a Copal No.1 shutter.

It is not my most used lens, and the few times I used it, I was a bit disappointed with the sharpness compared to my other Schneider-Kreuznach lenses. This comes as no surprise though, as when you look at the above mentioned lens test, the 210 Sironar-N version does not score high points. The APO Sironar-S versions of the 210 mm lenses, do much better though.