Bare bulb is a unique way of lighting. I used to use Mazda 75 bulbs a lot. These are like harvesting the sun and could do a gym full of students in one bulb. Had to lock the shutter open on the camera and use the lens cap. At 75 feet to the first row, F22 plus a 4x ND filter. Lock the shutter open, pull the lens cap, detonate the bulb in a clamplight fixture with a switch and 9V battery then put the cap back. You have never hear so many people yell D@mn at one time after setting one of them off. I wore sunglasses and kept my eyes closed.
I now see you can get $ 85.00 each for them, they are monsters. Our historian at the Air Force Museum said they would mount these under the wings of aircraft in Korea to do recon photos from way up.

I also use them to do crowd photography off the top of a 25 story building along the Ohio river for the WEBN firworks, that attracts 200,000 people. The radio radio station paid well for those night shots with the crowd lit up and fireworks over them. They would wonder if the space ship had landed when we would set them off.

I would buy 3 or 4 of them and do a test with one or two. Chances are you will not be able to get the crowd to pose for a second image without SPF 75 sun block and free welder's hoods.

You can find a few here. I sold off my last 17 bulbs. It paid for a couple of days at Yosemite park. I was always worried a static spark would set one off. A company in Hollywood purchased mine for a FX pyro tech. They add a lot of light when you blow something up I guess.