I have come into possition of what I believe to be an 8A (11x14) Century Studio Camera.

I also have two barrel lenses that came with the camera (please see photots attached). This camera has had a hard life. The gear wheel has at some point had the handle bent. Since it's made of iron, I did not attempt to fix it.
The casters are missing from the feet.
The stand support is broken (but I believe it could be fixed/replaced - I have not attemped repair).
There are no bellows.
There is no ground glass.
There are no film holders.
One lens is mounted on a board too small for the 8A (requires 10x10 lens board).
The other lens is not mounted.
We can negotiate on including the plunger.

Both lenses may be rectilinear, but I know in fact one is.
One lens I believe requires apature slides (the metal kind with different sized holes), but I do not have them.
The other lens is newer, and does have a built in iris (f8-128 if I recall correctly).

If you have any further questions, please get in contact with me.
Yes, we can ship this camera, but be ware: This camera is heavy and might even require freight shipping, which will cost very much more. There is no free shipping!

I am thinking $200 for the camera/lenses plus shipping. If this is not a fair deal, please let me know. Thank you for looking!