Thanks Rich, actually the darkroom is in Design and planning phase, I will be Demolishing my entire basement and the Darkroom is just one of the rooms in the rebuild plan.
I am still piecing together parts to enlarge 6x7 negatives to print, currently 6x6 is the max capacity of my Omega B600, I am looking for a Beseler 45XL on KSL and craigslist since I hope to move up to 4x5anyway.
I will certainly be picking APUG brains when I start building, and taking workshops for photographic and printing technique in the not too distant future. I am seriously contemplating my current digital camera as my last as I build up the RB system. So far bleaching the backs off of Fuji FP-100B instant film negatives for scanning is my latest endeavor, but enlarging to print from the emulsion that was lifted and pressed between two glass plates would be much more interesting. My ultimate goal is towards BW prints of UT Landscapes. Thanks for reaching out and getting in touch. I see digital at this point in my experience as detrimental to learning photography. It was obvious as soon as I wanted to take more than one exposure of the same subject at the same distance without re-focusing, and wanted to subtely change the DOF and preview the DOF before wasting an exposure. soo much is automated in digital that creative thought is being erased from the whole process, and I want to practice that creative thought process as a way of thinking, seeing, and capturing rather than shooting and chimping. I will definitely hit you up with questions from time to time. I am glad to hear of some who keep the celluloid burning along with the midnight oil.