Good afternoon everyone,

I've just found something very, very strange from one of my Grafmatic backs, which I can't for the life of me work out just how on earth it has happened!

I've just been developing sheets from a session I shot last week, on one of my backs, sheets 3-6 are fine, they look great and everything as you would expect it. Sheet 1, however, is a double exposure of 1 & 6, sheet 2 looks like many multiple exposures, enough to send the image area completely black (in negative). The borders of #2 are strange as well, the top edge (notch end, away from the Grafmatic handle & numbering end) is exposed right to the edge, which to me would suggest it somehow wasn't seated properly when it was brought forward, exposing right to the edge of the film. However, the border on the numbered end of the sheet looks to be about the right thickness, possibly from the other multiple exposures... wherever they came from!

This holder in question was last used and worked flawlessly just a couple days before loading it up for this shoot, so it's not as though it's a back I've had problems with before.

What I find most strange is the combining of #'s 1 & 6, the images look like a proper double exposure, the exposure looks about right, both images can be clearly seen on the film, so it's not as though one was shot properly and the other was more a 'serious light leak', as would be the case if the two septums had been brought forward together... but, sheet 6 itself is perfect, exposure looks about spot on... I just can't explain that at all!

Anyone have any ideas???