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In Canada, Kodak 10 liter kits RA/RT are still available, Kodak cut sheet paper is history. Fuji cut sheet paper is available, but only via mail order from the US, AFAIK. See http://www.darkroomcentral.ca for mail order chemistry in Canada, under the color paper tab. Kodak ship the 10 liter kits of RA/RT colour chems in boxes containing four kits, so unless you want 40 liters, you have to get them from a dealer who breaks up the factory cartons.
Are you using a stop bath with the 10L Kodak RA-4 developer and 10L Kodak RA-4 blix from darkroom central?

Can I use stop bath from B&W (obviously just used for RA-4, not mixing with B&W paper or any film use) like Ilfostop indicator stop bath or is that not even recommended anymore?