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Why not just make a test strip or so to get the right exposure?

PE - I think Ray is trying to correlate historical infomation about materials with current ones. Kirk

I understand Kirk, but an exposure will allow him to do some back calculations or estimates at least. And the 50 hz power in Japan will throw everything off anyhow.

Kirk is correct.

This material is simply no longer available.

Even if I had a sample, I am guessing the detailed exposure information provided at the time of it's manufacture would be more indicative of the fresh material than it's current speed would be.

As far as the 50/60 thing I don't really understand.. maybe when you were here the power was not quite up to specs or something... In anycase, there is none noticed in my area, but I am not looking for it- besides- I stay in 60Hz areas... I wish I could say the same thing about the flush toilet!