Okay, sorry I haven't been keeping up with this. The day job has just taken over everything for the past few months.

Markus Albertz has Portfolio I and should be sending it to Jim Chinn, if he's up and running after a recent move.

rlibersky is bowing out after this round and has sent Portfolio II on to nsurit.

I've asked before--would anyone like to help keep this project moving forward? I think it's a great thing to do, but as APUG has grown and as I've changed jobs, I have less time than I once did to run it. Running it basically means keeping track of who has the porfolio and who is next and staying in touch periodically to see that it doesn't get stalled. Once in a while it may require more extensive research to locate someone who's gone missing with the portfolio, but I can help out with that, since it's useful to have access to information that is only available to the moderators. Another thing to do is keep track of the list to add new members and remove members who have decided to withdraw.