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I was in Bendigo today, and noticed with some delight, this:


"this is the first exhibition to be presented in Australia entirely drawn from the collection of George Eastman House."

Which Melbourne APUG folks are up for a daytrip to Bendigo, perhaps in early June so we don't get sick of each other after meeting up next Saturday?


Wirelessly posted...

That's interesting, Marc.
I've been in Bendigo and district (Shelbourne, Maldon & Castlemaine) since last Thursday and you failed to see me, or I, you . Yes, well the leafy old town delivers when you like to wander incognito.

I reckon you should make a weekend of it, even in June when BGO shivers. There are some great eateries and just outside the city limits, archetypal country landscape (often shrouded in fog). Rushworth and Whroo are not too far away for people with an historical itch.

See ya.