Dear all,

I just acquired a second hand Studio Flash set: a Prolux 1200B Generator and 2 Prolux 2000B Flash Heads (plus stands reflectors and umbrella's)

I cannot find anything on this set, it looks quite well build, simple in the sense that is a minimum number of switches. Its made and designed in England. It is fitted with Bowens reflectors (maybe Bowens in disguise?). It's the first time I use a generator, and I have a couple of questions.

- It has a slow and a fast Charge button (obvious to understand). Is there a preference for using either setting ?

- I have read somewhere that to keep the capacitors of a Strobe in good shape they should be charged at max. power for 30 minutes. Is this still advisable? Should the capacitors discharged after that?

- The generator can be hooked up to 2 heads, over which symmetrically 600 wattseconds will be discharged. I assume , since the head is called 2000B the full 1200 ws can be discharged over one tube, can there be a preference for one of the slots on the generator? (Btw how can you check how much power a flash tube can take? I guess there is supposed to be a serial number on a tube? Cannot see one on the outside of the tube at least).

Thanks for any feedback,