I'm not up on your particular strobe, but from my Speedotron Blackline set, and numberous battery pack and head rigs I use:

Fast charging may cause a circuit brekaer to trip in a residential setting. My 2400w/s pack can very briefly pull 70A after a full dump. Some 15A circuit breakers (120V AC system for me) will trip, other will not. So unless I need to shoot fashion with a shot every 2 seconds, I leave it on slow.

Electolytic capacitors do need to be 'formed' regualrly. I try to power up my pack every 3 months if I have not been using it. Just run it for 20 minutes or more before thinking about firing it if it has been away for w few months.

Most flash generators have a discharge circuit that safely bleeds the power off the capacitors when the ac power is switched off.

Some (most?) flash packs have switches to allow different powered banks to be ganged together. In my 2400 w/s unit there is a 1200 pair of sockets, a 800 pair of sockets, and a 400 pair of sockets. there are switches to allow different pack banks to be gang. Any head connected to a ganged bank shares the power of that bank symettrically.

Yes, heads are rated as to the amount of power they can take safely or long term use.

Many designs use different connector styles to protect against blowing low power head with connection to high power banks.

I hope these answers get you thinking, and are helpful.