My turn to explain why I wasn't there! I was planning on it, and no, work didn't call at the last minute and send me to North Dakota or some other boring, god forsaken, un-photogenic place with shitty weather. No, my wife did it. She was ok with my going and meant it but I hadn't seen her in a while (see above reference to North Dakota) and well at the last minute I just decided to spend the day with her instead. You guys are cool to hang with and I really enjoyed it last time and am looking forward to doing it again but...well shes prettier and sexier and more fun to look at than all of ya put together so ya'll lost! We ended up hanging out, doing some shopping, and some yard work (which somehow I actually enjoyed ) and then went out for a nice dinner (she loves BBQ! ) It was a nice day and a nicer evening so all's good.

I was though planning on wowing you guys with my extensive collection of fine photographic hardware by showing up with my grandfathers old Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 loaded with Adox. Its a fun little shooter to play with, takes away all the stress and transports one back to a simpler time when all you knew was that the sun was out or it wasn't. Just aim in the general direction of your subject and hope for the best. Somehow it always seems to work too. Flippin magic is what it is... Ya see Doug, you quite playing with that high tech RZ stuff you wouldn't have all these problems! (I do hope its nothing major)

So hopefully next time! Speaking of which, how bout a trip up to Rocky Mountain Nat. Park for a real day of it? Any of you in for it?