This by no means is a rant on this product, in fact it is my favorite paper to date, but i do have one thing to mention.

ABout a month after it first came out i ordered a 25 sheet 8x10 pack to try it out. i instantly fell in love, the tonal range is gorgeous and i prefer it to MGIV and MGWT. However, in that pack, there were maybe 4 or 5 sheets of the 25 with dark lines along the veryyyy edge and in one case a spot of emulsion had come off.

This leades me to my current issue. I have a spring review coming up for school where we put up 10 prints, unmatted, on the wall, for critiquing by all art faculty. Of course, i decided it was worth it to splurge on some mc110 for this. I ordered a 25 sheet 11x14 box to make the 7/10 b&w prints i am putting up. So i start printing, everythings fine, then i notice the black line on the edge of the paper, not every edge, always one edge of the paper.

i tried it without exposing the paper and just putting an unexposed test strip in the developer, flipping the paper in the easel, it was always the same side. Now, the box was factory sealed till it got inside the darkroom that day so it leads me to conclude its a factory problem, ontop of the fact that ive seen it before. i will still be putting up the prints, 4/7 i believe have this faint but visible line accross the top edge, but it does bother me that such a wonderful paper has this annoying problem. matting the prints wouldsolve it but thats not an excuse.

Ill try to get a picture of what im talking about but i can imagine im not the first one to have this problem. on some sheets its more than others, very straight line, not as if the paper has been fogged, it seems like it happened when the sheets were cut since its all on the same edge. i dont know really.

Any help is appreciated!
And thank you to adox for coming out with a new b&w paper that more than happy to pay the premium for.