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Everyone raves about this paper but I have yet to try any.
I hope this is an isolated issue.

The days of Kodak quality are disappearing.

Can you get the "black line" into the border area and then trim it?
i dont get what you mean about getting it into the border area, its on the very edge of the paper, i could trim it but i prefer not to trim it in order to keep all my paper size and image size identical.

ill try and get a photo this week since my prints are at school right now.

Also, i use adorama house paper for all my work prints for 8x10 and actually prefer it to MGIV personally. not to rag on MGIV but its too cool and harsh for my taste. i know toning can take care of that but i print in a darkroom where there are 18 other enlargers so the chemicals haveto work for everyone.

ill contact fotoimpex, anyone have a phone number/email handy?

Thank you