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Kev how long a sink do you need?

I told ya' I'd get around to following up in this thread, Lee. ;)

The plan I'm working from now calls for a 8'x2.5' "sink". After further discussion with folks, some of it in PMs, I see almost equal merit in having a slightly sloped "wet counter" with the edges built up about an inch that drains off the right side into the Kreonite fiberglass sink (38"x71") I bought at about a 98% discount from Jeremy Moore.

I've just about completed the demolition of The Garage That Would Be Darkroom (sorry, Kipling) but forward progress continues at less than a snail's pace, since the darkroom is at close to bottom in the fam's budgetary priorities.

I will be putting the new chop saw to work building a subfloor within the next few weeks, though. After that, walls, then wiring, then I get to solicit quotes on adding a GFCI circuit for the darkroom.

I was in an APUG chatroom (irc.chatcircuit.com, not the one built into APUG) one recent evening and lostone gave me a really excellent idea of how to do the ventilation. Basically, I'll be putting the fan on the *supply* side and continuously pumping multiply-filtered air into the room and exhausting it over the wet sink/counter. That way, I should be able to maintain positive air pressure and keep the room MUCH more dust-free than if I sucked unfiltered air in through the supply vent, open doors, etc. Sort of like a mini clean room.

For giggles or (in the best of all worlds) discussion I've attached a shot of the space in question when I was just starting the demolition (to give a sense of the size) and a sketch of how I'd like the darkroom to turn out.