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I will be traveling to Amsterdam, the Netherlands mid May, and I will need 120 film - I can pre order and have it shipped to an address, or pick it up. Calumet comes to mind, or...? Any suggestions are appreciated.
Skip Calumet, it is somewhere in the suburbs of Amsterdam... difficult to reach, and I doubt they will be much dedicated to analog nowadays.

Go to Foto Den Boer, it is a shop in a street directly next to the real city centre, and is probably one of the last shops in the Netherlands really dedicated to analog photography. It is a small shop, but literally stocked from floor to bottom, I think you will be quite amazed to see it, and have fun just looking around. Hard to find such shops nowadays. Some of the film is stored behind the counter, but don't forget to look in the slightly hidden refrigerator directly on the left when you enter the shop. You may overlook it initially.

Foto Den Boer
2e Hugo de Grootstraat no. 10
1052 LC Amsterdam
Telephone: 020-6844554