Has anybody actually been able to make good prints with this stuff?

And on the subject of cutting down Kodak rolls, it seems there's a bewildering variety of those out now too. What's been discontinued (Endura?) and what has not been that still works ok? How do folks cut this stuff down? Any problems with curls from having been in a roll?

If decently usable paper is available in long rolls it seems someone by now would have a little side business cutting it into sheets. Maybe Freestyle could be persuaded to add a house brand of color paper that's really just cut down rolls of Kodak? Assuming Kodak agreed of course. Unlike the film, it wouldn't have to be any cheaper. Most of us would pay a reasonable premium just for cut paper.

Just when I was about to talk myself into getting back into color in my re-enthusiasm for photography and the darkroom, it seems the paper has been yanked from under me. I'm half tempted to just go back to Ilfochrome. It's ungodly expensive in comparison and special order but it IS available, and I always liked printing on it and the results back in the day. Of course that also assumes I could continue to get E6 films for a while.