I know all of you have been holding your breaths, waiting to see the results of the shoot. Well, here it is so you can all go back to your normal ways of life.

I got a roll of Delta 36 exp ISO 3200. Went down to the floor and took incidence meter reading that recommended f8 at 1/250. After making the manual setting on the camera, the floor showed 2 stops over and the seating area one stop below, which was good enough for me. After a few shots I realized that the image stabilization was not suitable for action shooting - it caused too much shutter lag. So I turned it off and bumped the shutter up to 1/350 and shot up the roll.

That was Friday night. On Sunday I developed the roll in fixer and simply erased the whole thing.

There were some great shots on that roll. Some of the best ever.