I was curious to see, because I like sports photos. But I wasn't holding my breath. I'm sure you'll get some great photos next time and will better label your chemicals!

When I shot highschool basketball, zone defense was quite evident and positions of players were more predicable than pro basketball, making focusing/following easier, whether using manual or AF. If you don't mind cropping and only have a center AF sensor or center AF sensor is working best, just use that to follow the action and crop to a pleasing composition afterwards.

With basketball photos on film, your great photos are only about 1/3 of what you think you had, which is still plenty. Athlete's arms get in the way or people's faces, heads pivot away from the camera quickly. You also get technically and compositionally excellent photos, but they don't tell a story or show what's going on. I used to hope for just a few photos from each 36exp roll to be able to pick from to be potentially used. I didn't want too many because it would take too long to print them all. Just a happy small quantity of good photos. I'd shoot 3 rolls per game.