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Somebody is cutting Kodak Endura down because I saw boxes of it for sale on ebay. They were white boxes rather than Kodak yellow. Endura is the name of all of Kodak's color paper. Supra Endura (medium contrast) was discontinued in sheets and replaced by Supra Endura VC in rolls, Portra Endura (low contrast) was discontinued altogether years ago, and Ultra Endura (high contrast) is still available in rolls.
A quick checked turned that up in 11x14 only. I think I'll drop them a line and ask a) if it's in date (listing doesn't say) and b) if they will do other sizes. If I can get 8x10 and 11x14 I'm good. I occasionally like to print 5x7 but I can cut down a sheet of 8x10 now and then, or use my old multiprint easel that does two 5x7s or other combinations on one sheet of 8x10. 16x20 would be nice but I don't even have an easel that size right now.