I had never dealt with Adeal before and have absolutely no association with them, but would like to give them a mention for great customer service.

Last weekend I lost a tightening knob from a Manfrotto tripod after shooting fireworks. I thought I may have some difficulty obtaining a replacement.

Anyway, I first phoned Camera Exchange where I had bought an earlier Manfrotto tripod, and they suggested I call the agent, Adeal.

I was put straight through to Dan but his line was busy so I left a message. He called back but then my line was busy, so he left his direct number and email address, so then I returned his call and he was busy again. Not much later he again returned my call and this time I spoke with him. They did indeed have a spare in stock.

I drove there this morning and bought not only the knob but also another tripod tool which I had lost a while ago. So for less than twelve bucks my tripod is now as good as new.

I just wanted to mention Adeal because in this day and age customer service such as this, where somebody actually returns your calls, is rare.