I think this may be my first post - but I have been lurking for a while!
In Australia we can get very few of these obscure Euro products (that often seem to be of dubious manufacture) and that does not concern me one bit.
Those of us who like to print our own B&W should be supporting Ilford with every dollar we can because they are not only the last of the big four still coating B&W paper but probably the only one, big or small, that will be left standing before too long.
Let's not kid ourselves either that any of these products coming out of Europe are really Agfa by another name - AgfaPhoto is dead. A coating machine once owned by Agfa or a couple of "chemists" who once worked for Agfa do not make an Agfa factory.
I have much the same feelings re film. While there is more choice available in film, if we want to continue to have, say, TriX available, let's support Kodak and buy the stuff instead of some off-brand emulsion that may not be here next month or if is could well be made by someone else in another country.
Collectively we don't need to repeat the Kodachrome saga and not use it for 10 years but profess lifelong love for it then complain bitterly when the manufacturer drops it.