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I may be wrong, but I read it as Bruce saying that Kodak's quality is top notch, and hard for other manufacturers to match. I didn't read it as him saying that Kodak's quality has gone downhill.

If this is what he meant, then I agree. I feel the same way about Ilford and Fuji, though. I've never had so much as a minor problem with any product from either of these "Big Three." But I have had at the very least minor quality issues with every product I have used by one of the "alternative" manufacturers. The only ones that have totally destroyed shots for 100 percent analog purposes have been Efke/Adox films and occasionally Fotokemika paper. However, if I really wanted to save those shots, I could use digital methods.
You're right now that I read it again I totally misunderstood what Bruce was saying, and he clarified it in a subsequent post.

I agree with what you are saying too. I cannot recall having a problem with any product from Kodak, Ilford or Fuji product that wasn't my own fault.