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In Australia we can get very few of these obscure Euro products (that often seem to be of dubious manufacture) and that does not concern me one bit.
Well, they may be obscure to you, but they are certainly not to me! Foma and Fotokemika are well established players in this field, and I have used their products for years, in addition to products from Ilford, Kodak and Fuji.

And I can assure you that Adox MCC 110 is a high quality product, matching that of Agfa MCC 111. If they didn't now what they were doing, I doubt they would be able to make anything even remotely similar.

I haven't experienced the issue discussed in this tread, but I'm sure it will be resolved. I just got some more Adox MCC 110 24x30cm paper from Fotoimpex, and the boxes are now bigger compared to the old ones I have.