I have a plate of glass thats about 8X10 and I entend to print an image on it useing liquid light. I used polyurathine as a subber (spray can of polyurathine) since I am limited in resources. The spray can seems to coat more evenly then applying the liquid version. After that I apply the liquid light, now I have tried a screen, useing a Lowes card, and just poring the liquid on the glass in a tray and with agitation, it still dosen't seem to coat evenly. Whatever way I get it applied, I let it dry (in a lightsafe box in darkroom). When its dry I use an ortho negitive and use the method of contact printing. The image is ethier to light or way to dark and since Its not coated evenly the emultion seems to come off in developer or fixer. I am just useing D76-dveloper one-to one and just a little bit of fixer which is applied only for a brief time then poured out. This is my first project with liquid light and i curtinly want to expirament with it in the future. If anyone has any Idea as to what I am doing wrong please let me know. Thanks I also am sorry for my spelling.