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Perhaps it means going to T-Max films alone, and/or designing new papers.

I wonder if there is a way the manufacturers could set up a way that we all could donate the reclaimed silver from our spent fixer back to them (or sell it back at a lower rate than they normally pay for it), or if this would even help them. If you figure that over 50 percent of the silver in the average piece of film or paper gets removed (and dumped down the drain by most people, it would seem from several old threads here), that is quite a substantial amount of silver that will never be of any use to humans ever again.

keith it would be great if the average person cared enough to do something like that
in the spent fixer poll thread i started years ago nearly 70% of all the responders
couldn't care less or be bothered to do much more than pour their spent fixer down the drain.
... even with silver prices the highest they have ever been,
and there is a easy and inexpensive way to reduce one's silver waste footprint
and make $$ at the same time... people still don't care.

too much trouble, or its my right to do whatever i want or ...,
i can't imagine them wasting their time and energy to mail 32 troy oz of silver flake back to kodak
as a hand-out ( when they complain incessantly about how kodak has discontinued this
and discontinued that, and raised their prices and ...., )
when they don't even bother to have the 32 troy oz refined to convert it to
$800 for their own 'GAS SLUSH FUND" or automobile fuel, or food, or
money for a rainy day fund ...