Hi guys, I was thinking of trying to build an 8x10 pinhole camera this spring. Probably made out of wood, and something with a fairly "normal" focal length, to be a general-purpose large-format camera that's really easy to work with.

1) I want to shoot 8x10 paper negatives. Should I plan on making a camera based on an 8x10 film holder, or will paper not fit in a holder? If not, what would be an easy way to load the camera?

2) I've heard that paper negatives need low contrast. Can I put an Ilford 0-grade filter behind the lens to help with this?

3) How accurate does the hole-to-film-plane distance need to be?

4) Any tips coming to mind from past pinhole-building experience that I can't afford to learn by trial and error?

I'm going to continue reading up on the subject... Thanks for any pointers!