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David, what do you mean by a wire frame to aim the camera?
If you look at a Speed Graphic (& similar), they have a pull up wire frame on the front standard that's used with a sight on the rear standard to aim the camera, and a crosshairs on the front wire frame will give you both centre and frame coverage. Similar to 'sport finders' on TLR's and such. I only mention because most pinhole cameras are ultra wide angle, where aiming isn't so much of a concern. If you're going 'normal', you might wish to rig a finder of this sort.

(Another option is to have a simple lens on the front, some glassine or vellum paper for a ground glass, line everything up, then replace the lens with your pinhole and the glassine with your paper holder.)

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Is a 0.6mm pinhole easily manufactured with a needle or am I going to have to turn to precision-manufactured pinholes?
Depends on how much sharpness and resolution to want, your artistic vision, etc. You can poke holes in tinfoil with a #8 needle, examine each in your enlarger to find the cleanest one, or just be a lot more fast and loose. Slits are fun too.