Hello everyone,

I will be graduating photo school in May and I'm looking to get into LF. We used Calumet monorail cameras in class, and I loved the negative produced. I'm open to suggestions as to whether a monorail or field camera would be my best bet. I'm leaning toward field since it's lighter and more compact, but monorails have more movement capability. I plan to shoot mostly landscapes, exterior architecture, and I may do some studio still life / product shots in the future.

That said, how much should I expect to spend on a good LF camera? I'll need the camera, perhaps half a dozen film holders, a meter, a 150mm lens (at least to start), a dark cloth, and a loupe. I have a tripod that can easily handle a field camera (a Tiltall), and I also have the consumables.

I just need to know roughly how much I should plan to spend before I start looking at equipment too much.