It sounds like a monorail would be a good choice for you. It sounds like you want to use the camera for all sorts of shots, and the monorail would give you the most capability.

I would expect to get into a kit for $200 to $600. The $200 side of things will likely be older metal low-to-mid-range monorails like Calumets, Orbits, B&Js, Graphic Views, etc. Of all of these, I like the Graphic View II version 2 the best. Make sure it has a Graflok back if you want to use roll film or Fujiroid 3x4 pack film in the camera. On the $600 side of 4x5 kits, you have SINAR Fs. Well worth the money IMHO; they are arguably the best all-around view camera ever made. They sell for such a small fraction of their original prices, and cost not all that much more than the other 4x5 options. But if you can't afford 5 or 6 hundred bucks, then you can't. Between the two, you might find newer Calumets, Toyos, and Omegas, which are all fine cameras.