please post a scan of one of your prints. I think at this point every one has a different imagination of the lines you are talking about.
This is definitely not a common problem.
I would very much welcome if the other gentleman who states that he had the same problem please do so as well so we can compare the lines, identify the problem and look for a fix.

Another gentlemen stated that he found inconsistencies with our CMS 20 film. As this is practically impossible I would welcome some more clarification on this issue as well. I would imagine it is rather a chemical problem and not a film issue as we have sold CMS 20 from the same frozen coating batch over the past 5 years with absolutely identical parameters and up to today zero claims.
The film will give inconsistent results if it is not developed in ADOTECH developer however. ADOX has never released the film to be developed in anything but ADOTECH.

None of the products mentioned above btw. are of Eastern European origin.

It is also difficult for me to judge a statement refering to "efke/adox" films. There is no such thing as "efke/adox" films.
Please let me know if you encountered problems with an ADOX or with an efke branded film and ofcourse it would be interesting to know here as well what the actual problem was.

Best wishes,