Cleaning glass is with Calcium Carbonate and EverClear which is a 155 proof vodka. I use a paint brush and scrub the glass and alcohol mix. After a warm tap water rinse the glass is sprayed with the Everclear and wiped with a paper towel while it sits on a rubber mat.
My 4x5 plates take 15ml of Liquid Light so an 8x10 would need 60 but I'd have more so 75ml at least. I like to hand pour and thick. Temperature is 100 degrees F or a little less. It is carefully placed onto a marble slab that is warm on one end and cold on the other, just a little warm, it helps the emulsion to even out if it got too cold. 30 sec and it is slid to the cold end. It takes a few days to dry. It sticks all the way to the edges and never comes off.
Dektol 1:3 develops in about 2 min. Fixing can take a long time, I use a black tray and inspect it after something starts to happen.
I've been coating with Formazo lately and just started using a puddle pusher and glass edge pieces. It was actually easier than hand pouring.