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You're right now that I read it again I totally misunderstood what Bruce was saying, and he clarified it in a subsequent post.

I agree with what you are saying too. I cannot recall having a problem with any product from Kodak, Ilford or Fuji product that wasn't my own fault.
Kodak did have a fault with a bad batch of Kodak Gold 100 in the early 90s; seems they forgot to coat the yellow layer and the resulting prints had a wonderful color cast to them, and printing them was a pain if you didn't pick up on it right away.

I remember our Kodak rep going through about 150 cartons of the film we had in stock to ensure the bad batch was removed and replaced with good stuff. (Along with an extra carton for the troubles it caused.)

Thankfully, most of the boxes were sealed (ordered for the soon to begin Christmas period), and only 25 cartons were from the faulty batch, although from memory, that was equal to 5000 rolls!!