This is good to hear. Providing a specialized service in a custom process with ILFORD materials, we have not seen any such 'good-will' toward services for their products. As much product as we freely advertise, we have never even gotten an acknowledgment.

Before Kodak fell apart, dr5 was a regular on Ed Warners agenda. I miss Ed.


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Uncoated Baryta paper continues to become more and more difficult to obtain, so recently Mark Osterman and I were faced with a need with no supplier.

I contacted Simon Galley of Ilford and he shipped me a case of 1000 sheets of 11x14 uncoated glossy Baryta paper within 2 weeks of my confirmation. And the price was just right!

As of now, all boxes have been sold or are promised to either Mark's students or mine and I am in the process of seeing if anyone will be willing to sell this on a regular basis. It is proven to be superb for Silver Gelatin or Collodion POP and has many other uses for alternative print materials.

Please do not contact Ilford. This was a one shot to see if the paper was fully satisfactory, if the need was there and if someone was willing to sell it. The first two parts of that have been proven and the last item of this is being worked out for the alternative photographers out there. You will hear of the outcome.

This note is just to say KUDOS TO ILFORD.

A side note here is that Kodak revised their loss upward by many millions of dollars due to loss of good will. Ilford can count on a big gain in good will by keeping on going as they have been.

Thank you Simon!