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No Tom. It just was not selling. There were 4 paper plants. One of them alone used 6 machines for color. They could have scaled back, but B&W paper sales fell faster than anything else in their inventory. At least from what I know. Color is still up there selling!

One of the sad things I experienced in college photo courses was an anti Kodak mentality among some of the instructors, especially some of the more "artistic" ones.

I had one instructor who would not accept any work from students if Kodak products were used in its creation. The jerk actually said that to the class at the beginning of the semester. We were asked to bring in samples of our work at the second class meeting, so I brought some of my work to show to him. He really liked on of my shots until I told him it was shot on Tri-X, developed in HC-110 and printed on Polyfiber. He got mad and told me that under no circumstances was I to use Kodak film or paper for my assignments.

He actually checked peoples's contact sheets for edge markings and rejected anything that was shot on Kodak film. You had to shoot on FP4 or Agfapan-100 and develop in FG7 1+15 with water. I finally quit that class because I thought the instructor was a Bozo.

This might be an extreme example, but I know many people who were told not to bother with Kodak papers by their instructors, because Kodak papers were not as good as those offered by other manufacturers. This might have helped contribute to the decline in Kodak paper sales.

I personally liked some Kodak papers very much. I miss Polyfiber and Polymax Fine Art fiber base and Polymax RC (a very good RC paper imho).

I never really warmed up to Mutigrade, although I do use it. I would not hesitate to use my favorite Kodak papers if they were available again.