Just put it on my schedule. This would be a celebration trip for me. I take my final on the 4th of may for my last class in my Marketing Degree from Park Univ. Yes this old hippie will finally granulate Magda Cum Burnout.

Busy month. Shoot at John's first weekend, then Hamvention, and take my Technician's class license test, hope Lee can come down. Leica Historical society Spring Shoot in Dayton, I'm a tour guide and among other things arranged a showing of Jane Reece's photographs from the early 1900s and arranged some of the rarest Leica cameras to come to Dayton too. Then the official granulation party the last weekend. AND Sue is all over the place doing birding. Poor cats and dog will just die of starvation in May unless they can learn to operate a can opener by then.

So I hope to be there. It is the only event I could let slide, but I just love seeing all you guys to much to miss a chance to come. Might be a VERY early drive up Saturday to do some shooting then spend the night Sat and return after shooting on Sunday and breakfast.... we will see.

(That Other ) Lee