I can't find the file at the moment to give credit to the originator.

C-41 Flexicolor Clone Developer

H2O 800mL
-Distilled or Reverse osmosis filtered and pre boiled while covered to drive off dissolved oxygen, and cooled to room temp

wetting agent 1mL
- I use only a drop of tween 20, and stir to disperse it well

old style calgon 2g
( I use this only if I am not using distilled or R/O water. I have heard that new calgon is not the same. I am working my way through a 1kg bottle over 10 years old, but mostly use R/O.)

Potassium Carbonate 34g

Sodium Bicarbonate 1.9g

Soduim Sulfite (anhydrous) 3.5g
( I make up a stock solution with r/o water of sulfite when the stock I buy is still fresh, and add it at a rate of 25mL per batch to get 3.5g equal to anyhrdous per litre of sulfite.)

Potassium Bromide 1.4g
( I keep this around as a 10% stock solution, since I find it easier to break up the lumps of this stuff only once in a while to measure, and also use it by the splash in b&w paper developers as well.)

Potassium Iodide 1.4mg
( Again a very weak stock solution of 1g per litre, and then I just keep 100mL of it around, and make up another 1l when the 100mL runs out. I am concerend about algae with too long storage of such a weak solution. )

Hydroylamine Sulfate 2g
( This is corrosive, and appears to be mildly hygroscopic too, but I have never gotten around to figure this organic compound will survive any time as a stock soution to counter the moisture gain)

CD-4 5.3g
( Do not be concerned if the solution fizzes as this is added, mine does.)
(Store dry in small sealed glass bottles in the dark/dim most of the time to keep it fresh)

Distilled or R/O water to 1L.

pH greater than 10.11

(I use a small Omega unit, that eats batteries if they are left in, but otherwise has lasted at least 5 years with intermittent use, and perioding KCO3 storage solution conditioning)
(I adjust with more potassium carbonate to raise when required, but usually for me it lands at a bit above 10.11 as mixed.)