Developer, as above, used 1 shot for best results, time 3:15 at 100F.
( It can be reused after a short reheat the same day or next day if results are non critical. It will continue to develop even when black and mungy, but I would not trust the results. With 35mm I see bromide streaking on reuse.)
( I try to accumulate 4-35mm or 4 120 rolls and develop them on at once in the same litre loading 2-120 reels on one reel end to end on Paterson reels)

Water bath stabilize the tank for 3-5 minutes before the first developer goes in keep the solutions to 100F. Keep the tank in the water bath for the developer stage at a minimum. Temperature control is not as critical beyond the developer stage, but try your best.

I stop bath with one shot 10mL glacial acetic acid per liter, 45 seconds.

I rinse 30 seconds ( two tank changes ) with water after the stop before the bleach

Bleach: 80g Potassium Ferricyanide and 20g Potassium Bromide per liter (filtered tap water) (pH 5.6) , for 2:30.

I replenish from a batch of the same at a rate of 45mL per 80sq in, but you can visually just extend bleach times to times beyond 2:30 if not replenishing until the image is well bleached.

Rinse well with two tank changes before the fixer.

Fixer can be flexicolor, or DIY:
Water ( filtered tap water) 750mL
Ammonium Thiosulfate, 60% - 160mL
Soduim Bisulfite 12g
water to 1L
Soduim Hydroxide 2.5g
(I actually keep to as a stock as a 20% stock)
(Nasty stuff - read the msds carefully first, and use the right PPE)
pH to 6.5 - fine tune with the amount of NaOH

Fix for 2:30, and resue until it fixer tests as saturated; I find I am good for 15 rolls at least.

Wash for 4:00 running water, or 8 tank changes.

800mL distilled water (make it as clean as you can get it at this stage)
Photoflo 200 0.8mL
Formalin (37% aqueous Formaldehyde) - 3mL
(some will argue this is not needed with commercial proceses, but I include it when DIY chems are upstream).
distilled to 1L
I reuse this for a few days or longer, but using it once guarantees minimal spots.

Stabilise for 1 minute. I recommend taking films off reels and stabilize in a jug so as to not risk carry over to the developer the next time.

Good luck with this experimenting.