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TAL: Congratulations on your accomplishment. Us old hippies managed to conserve a few brain cells, or else the docs are wrong and they really do regenerate! I am up to my neck in planning a long distance move so I won't be able to attend this time, but I will still be close enough for future ones. Oh, I finally got a chance to play with that 90 a little bit. I probably won't use it all that much, but when I need a short lens it will be great.
Hay Dan,
I hope you still find value in the 90mm. I've used the 50mm Hassy in trade about 6 times now. Hope to use it again next weekend if the warm weather holds and up at John's. I've got my I on a 6x17CM Shen Hao takes roll film and as it works out the best lens to use thon that is a 90mm HUH, one never knows...

Good luck with the move and thanks for the congrats.