Dear All,

I am pleased to announce the ULF and special format film run for 2011 :

HARMAN technology will adobt the same procedure as the last three years : We will make any of the variants available even if only one single box is ordered. These will be finished from either HP5+ or FP4+ film :

The full details of all the available products, including their item numbers and most importantly all our ULF re-seller partners will be published as a press release on the website week beginning 18th April. I will set up a link when its published, the timings are also the same as last year.

Place orders with your chosen ULF reseller during May with a deadline to place your order with them by June 18th at the latest.

Your ULF reseller will then order on us ( UK ) or via our distributor (s) in all other countries.

The manufacture of the ULF items will take place in the last week of July 2011. The goods will then be shipped ex.factory to distributors week 1 August. This should enable ULF orders for North America to be shipped to our reseller partners week 2 or week 3 September.

If you have a desire to see additional sizes being made available, please follow the thread after the current and full product availability list is published week of April 18th.

Thank you for using and valuing ILFORD Photo products:

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :