Glad to hear you guys have had such great service - my has been the exact opposite!
They had a lens for nigh on 6 months for repair - no updates, nothing.

*I* had to keep following up on it's status which resulted in no information other than "it's waiting to be looked at". Finally I'd had enough and , basically told them to forget it and that wouldn't be paying their quote fee. Took them another 2 weeks to deliver back to my camera store, with a note saying they had been awaiting parts.

Hey, if you'd kept me/us updated I could have accepted that - but 6 months of nothing, even when we called to check on its status?

Sorry, but for me that isn't customer service, that's downright rude.

(Anyone know where I can get an EF Tokina 28-70 f2.8 AF lens repaired?)