Yup, luv my Hassy! I've used her in the rain, in extreme humidty, in -15F, in a snow storm, in the desert, and everywhere else. And guess what? Never a glitch! The nicest thing is the ability to add 645 backs when you want it and 6x6 too. I use my 503CXi the most, with a winder CW. The infrared remote is really handy in the studio and really comfortable to hold all day (through a 10 hour wedding) and I sling her over me' shoulder during vacation when I'm walking around.

And, for those who want more frames per roll, the 645 backs give you *16*, not 15 shots!

I plan on keeping my Hasselblads for quite a while! Plus, right now with everybody dumping their MF film equipment for digital, they are CHEAP!