I got some spare Jobo parts, but some of them did not come with labels so I could not figure out what they are. Thare are three parts, I think they most likely are alt-1000/1500 parts. I also have following parts, if you need them, please contact me.

7197 ATL 1000/1500 lift arm
20044 Swith on/off for all ATL
32025 Bosch 0 390 206 692 a pump AHP 12V (motor rotation lift ATL-1000/1500 without motor shaft)
33014 Solenoid F/ATL-1000/1500
93023 roller BLACK FOR ATL-1000/1500
93030 heating rod 220v ATL-1000/1500
95207 Gear F/Air Distrib. W/Hose & Magnet ATL-1 3, 2000-3 29cm
95434 Sensor Plate F/ATL-1000/1500
95439 Bottle 1 F/ATL-1000/1500
95441 Lift arm complete ATL-1000/1500
95444 Sensor Temp F/ATL-1000/1500 bottle & bath
95478 Drain F/ ATL-1000/1500 complete W/hoses, t-coupling, foam, and knob
4211 ATL 1000/1500 battery backup