The big advantage to me with plastic is easy pour in right down the funnel. Film wets evenly bottom up and fast immersion.

The very best way to do stainless is drop the reel to be developed into a prefilled tank in the dark. When you add developer thru the top. I runs around the light baffle and wets the frames on the outside of the reel on one side. You really do not want to do this because it causes uneven development. The bigger the tank, the more it is a problem.

Clip the leading corners on film going on a plastic reel for smooth feed.

Plastic tanks have less heat transfer so getting them to operating temp takes longer.

The worst problem is you can not get wetting agent ( Photo Flow) on the plastic. Close to impossible to remove and it makes the reels sticky thus hard to load even when dry in the future.

I have stainless for 50 years now and all I do is rinse off in hot water and take care not to drop them.

I took a few spins with plastic, and returned to SS.