In case you haven't been to eBay UK, today, they've rejigged their classifications and Film is now all pretty much together with categories as follows:
Film Photography
Film Cameras (13,138)

Movie Cameras (295)

Darkroom & Developing (1,819)

Film (2,908)

Film Backs & Holders (45)

Film Editing Equipment (4)

Lens Boards (6)

Motor Drives & Winders (18)

Movie Camera Accessories (15)

Rangefinders & Accessories (17)

Slide & Film Projection (968)

Other Film Photography (967)

So that's 13,000 film cameras all lumped into one category while there are 4 categories with double figure entries and 2 with only single figures. The main victim seems to be LF as it is unsearchable using "Large". Who trains these guys?