More cards found their way to my desk:

BoxBrownie Southwick Hill point. Beautiful selenium toning.
kraker Sicamore gap. Great wide angle shot. I love how the horizon wraps around the tree.
drpsilver Moonlight. Great atmosphere of calmness. The tones, the sparkles of water. Excellent.
Kevin Kehler A beautiful garland of flowers. You describe them as frozen leaves. I think I'm I confused...
George Nova Scotia Cobequid Bay. I like the texture of sand and how the zigzag pattern captures your eye and brings it to the little house in the distance.
seadrive Rocks and Grass. Great textures.
Laurent Ice bird. Super capture!
ozphoto In my opinion, one of the best from the exchange so far. Simple, beautiful and very meaningful! Can you please share details on your printing. What paper, toning, etc? Thanks!
Rob Skeoch Color portrait. A great answer to those who ask how well Ektar works for skin tones. Excellent job!