Last year I tried the Rollei Digibase C41 kit but the stab-bath left residue on the film- I couldn't solve that problem. So this year I thought I'd try again, now with the 'simpler' Tetenal 3-bath kit (Tetenal Colortec C-41 Rapid Negative 1 litre Kit).

Everything went fine, I have some nice & clean negatives from outdated Superia 400 lying in front of me. The colours seem OK, at least that's what my scanner tells me. I used to print RA4, but not anymore & no intention of picking it up. It's just that I have quite some colour film left and thought to get rid of it in a playful manner.

The thing that bothers me/has me wondering is the following.

The developer concentrate consists of three parts. According to the little manual, all three bottles should contain 100 ml; the labels on the bottles themselves don't state any volume. I thought I'd be smart and make only 1/2 litre of working solution instead of the full litre, reasoning being that decanted-into-smaller-bottles solution keeps longer than working solution and that I wouldn't need more than 1/2 litre for my one 135-36 film.

So I put 350 ml of water together with 50 ml of each of the three developer parts. That should have left me with 50 ml of each part remaining. But no, the second part contains much less (see picture). Not a measuring mistake when I took the 50ml out, I can be 99.9% sure of that. It seems like the second part didn't contain 100 ml to start with. More like 90 ml or thereabouts.

Was this a mistake in the factory? Or is that second part supposed to be a bit less? Was it wrong of me to assume 100 ml in each part? Did I add too much of part 2 to the mix? Should I have taken half, less than 50 ml that is?

Complicating oddity is that on top of the box it says "splitting possible", suggesting that it is not uncommon for people to make less than 1 litre of solution. But then why state in the manual that each part contains 100 ml? That seems like asking for trouble.

The negatives came out fine, without any obvious colour shift or anything. So it seems like the developer has the three parts in the correct ratio, if that's a conclusion I'm allowed to draw (I have no clue how tolerant the solution is in this respect).

Did any other users notice that part 2 contains less than 100 ml? Should it be like that? With a new kit, should I take half of what's in the bottle of concentrate or can I 'simply' use 50 ml?

Just a bit puzzled about the amounts; quite satisfied with the results