Ok looks like I will have all by weeks end (8th April), and Fleath's by early next week. As soon as the last of the prints in each group come in I will send out the collections within a day or two.

Group One
1,Munz6869 - rec'd
2,Michael W - rec'd
3,Tomalophicon - rec'd
4,SMBooth - rec'd
5,Andrew K - In post due end of this week
6,Timk - in post due end of this week
7,Walbergb - rec'd

Group Two
1,Oxleyroad - Done
2,Seabird - rec'd
3,Fleath - Drying, to be in post early next week
4,Hoffy - rec'd
5,Kevin Caulfield - Rec'd
6,Barrie B. - rec'd

All in all we have all made pretty good with the agreed time schedule. I have not yet opened any of the packages, I cannot wait to see what everyone has created.