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I sometimes think I must be the only photographer in the World who has never bought a camera or lens on ebay, I've had the vast majority of my gear for more than twenty years I'm happy with it and I enjoy using it and not worrying about constantly upgrading it.
Ben, it's been one of my pleasures in recent years to buy cameras I had yearned for in years gone by, but could never afford at the time. This has taken me through F3, FE2 and F5 Nikons, Olympus OM2Nand mju 11, Minox GT, Canon EOS 50E, and flirted with rangefinders including a Leica M3, Bronica RF645 & Fuji GSW690, virtually all of which have been tried and eventually moved on for the same or more.

I'm tending to move away from 35mm now, but I've just developed a roll of HP5+ from my 36 year old Olympus Trip 35 tonight to see if it is still working. While it looks like the meter might be a touch off, I'm keeping the Trip and have no desire to "upgrade" it.